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Denali Lighting

Denali Wiring Adapter Trigger Wizard For Grounded Highbeams

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The long-awaited Trigger Wizard is a simple wiring adapter that converts a ground-switched vehicle high beam wire to a traditional high beam wire that outputs 12 volts when you turn on your high beam. This adapter is required if you want to output a 12v high beam signal that will allow DENALI lights to change intensity with your factory high beam switch.

To install the Trigger Wizard, simply connect the white and blue ends to the color-coded DENALI wiring harness trigger wires and then connect the black and white leads to the vehicle high beam and switched power wires respectively.

What is Ground Switching? How do I know if I need this?

Ground switching is a common configuration for LED vehicle headlight circuits and simply means that the switch is on the ground side of the headlight circuit as opposed to the power side of the circuit. To tell what kind of switching your vehicle has simply use a voltmeter to measure the voltage on the headlight high beam wire as you toggle the high beam switch on/off. Traditional "power side" switched high beam circuits will show 0 volts when the high beam is off and 12+ volts when the high beam is turned on.

Ground switched high beam circuits do the exact opposite, where the wire will measure 12+ volts when the high beam is off and drop to below 1 volt when the high beam is turned on. Connecting the Trigger Wizard in-line between the DENALI wiring harness and the ground switched headlight circuit will flip the signal to properly activate the DENALI dimming features. This adapter is compatible will all DENALI DataDim driving light harnesses and the DialDim Lighting Controller.

Are all LED headlights ground switched?

No, so please follow the instructions above to determine if your vehicle has a ground switched high beam circuit. Here are a few example vehicles that do have ground switched high beam circuits (please see the instruction manual for details). We will be updating the manual to call out specific wires to connect to for specific vehicles as we gather the information.