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Why use the SPLYT Technology?

As featured by Dirt Trax Television, RMSTATOR SPLYT Technology provides a reliable solution to well-known charging system failures. Using a dual output stator with two completely separate stator windings, this system splits the power generated by the stator into two separate voltage regulators. These regulators then each operate with only half of the load of the original system, allowing them to maintain a lower temperature and increase reliability.

SERIES Voltage Regulation

This system uses a new type of voltage regulator called a SERIES regulator. Rather than shunting excess power to the ground like a typical regulator, it protects the battery from high voltage by disconnecting the stator coils from the regulator and preventing current from passing on. This type of voltage regulation generates less heat because the current from the stator is prevented from flowing through the regulator.

Ultimate reliability

With a stock charging system, voltage regulators are consistently operating within 5% of their maximum capacity, leading to heat and stress-related failure. With the RMSTATOR SPLYT system, both SERIES voltage regulators are operating with 40% overhead for long life and stable output.

Better design

Contrary to the original OEM stator that uses one three-phase stator winding, the SPLYT stator contains two completely separate three-phase coil windings. Each of these two windings then produces half of the power of the stock stator lowering the temperature in each individual coil.

More available power

If you are installing a lot of accessories and electronics on your vehicles, like extra lighting, stereos or a winch,
the SPLYT kit is available with an improved flywheel designed to increase power output from 650 Watts to 900 Watts.

Easy to install

All parts use a Plug-and-Play design, just like the original OEM ones, so no special tool or knowledge is needed to install this system.

Harnesses included

Relocation wiring harnesses allow relocating the regulators anywhere on your vehicle to get better airflow and easier access.

This kit includes:

  • Dual output stator
  • Two SERIES voltage regulators
  • Two automotive-grade relocation wiring harnesses with OEM-quality heavy-duty connectors
  • Complete instructions for voltage regulator relocation


  • Dual Stator Dimensions:
    • Interior diameter: 53 mm
    • Exterior diameter: 125 mm
    • Thickness: 26 mm
    • Length of wires stator to grommet: 125 mm
    • Length of wires grommet to plug: 290 mm & 550 mm
  • Other specifications:
    • Number of wires: 6
    • Number of plugs: 2
    • Number of pins: 6
    • Number of poles: 18
    • Alternator: Yellow/Black to Yellow/Black = 0.5 ohms +-20%
  • Regulator Dimensions:
    • Width: 84 mm
    • Length: 90 mm
    • Height: 32 mm
    • Fixation holes center to center: 69 mm
  • Other specifications:
    • Number of plugs: 2
    • Number of pins: 5
    • Minimum Charging Voltage: 14.5 V +- 0.5 V
    • Maximum Charging Current: 50 A / 500 W
    • Open Circuit Voltage: < 15 V
    • Operation Temperature: -20º to 85º
  • Relocation Harness Dimensions
    • Wires length : 3400 mm
    • Number of yellow wires : 3
    • Number of red wires : 1
    • Number of black wires : 1
    • Number of plugs : 2

Note: This kit includes two wiring harness according to Polaris recal # Z-16-01-C (OEM # 2206620, 2206367,2206473). We strongly suggest you to relocate both of your regulators to make sure they do not wear out prematurely due to mud, dust or rocks.