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Whites Motorcycle Parts

Whites Brake And Clutch Cable Injector/Luber

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Ensure your throttle, clutch and cable brake lines are operating consistently smooth. The Whites Cable Injector/Luber is designed to guide your cable lube down the housing, forcing out dirt, grime, prevents rust and provides a smooth and effortless pull throughout the life of the cable. Simply clamp the device over the open end of the cable and use an aerosol lube, once the lube starts coming out the other end your job is done.

Adjustable for a range of different cable widths
Used to inject lubricant into cable housing
Clamps over housing and wire allowing an aerosol can to be connected
Once lube runs out the far end, the cable is lubricated
Dual screw for a tighter seal
Easy to use
Anodised black/orange aluminium
Lubricates between cable and housing without removing the cable
For use on all cables

For the best results, we recommend using Putoline 1001 Penetrating PTFE Spray (PT1001500).